Friday, June 10, 2005

I had a great show with Kaptain Karl last Saturday night at the Eden Prairie Dunn Bros. We had a fun rehearsal a few days before and polished up some of our favorite songs from our first CD. "Inkwell", "Behind the Curtain", and "Oh, No" all received very enjoyable performances. Weird that all those songs are now about 10 years old. Also did some Simon & Garfunkel and I had forgotten arrangements of who sang what, but we did ok.

Show was so enjoyable I started recording "Cricket", our best co-written relatively young (last three years) song. Had all afternoon and evening yesterday and am working on it more this morning before going in to work at 11:45. So far has rhythm and lead electric guitars, bass, and my vocal. It's sort of a sequel to "The Children" from Art Is A Lie, Baby and Generic Mayhem. When it finally makes it to a CD, it will be Great Uncle Helmer's fifth album.

1. Synthesis (cassette only so far)
2. old man will travel
3. Generic Mayhem
4. Fall (mastering/artwork yet to be completed)
5. as-yet-untitled-featuring-"Cricket", "Iceland", "The Sequel to Behind The Curtain (Now That I Know What's Back There)"

Sixth if you count the truncated "Anybody Seen My Wallet" project, from which otherwise unrecorded material may someday be mixed, mastered, and released. So I felt excited about that and am going to go to play at the Freighthouse Dunn Bros. with Karl tonight from 8-10 p.m. Hooray.