Sunday, April 04, 2004

I played a very enjoyable show with Karl last night at the Linden Hills Dunn Bros. Coffee in South Minneapolis. We rehearsed Wednesday night and were very "on", focusing on our favorite original songs. We also got together several hours early on Saturday and practiced a few other things. The version of "Cricket" from last night's show was the best ever, as were versions of several other songs. I was very happy with how together Karl and I were on both vocals and guitars (and mandolins, etc.)

The show also featured the performance debut of three excelent new songs. "Car of Jonas", written by Karl about a very sad man, is reminiscient in its poigniancy of KFC Hell. My best most accessible song in years, "Electric Light", received a perfect reading by newcomer Kimbatina with some nice Mandolin from Karl. Plus a song I introduced as "Slump Buster" since it is the first original piece of music from Andy Honigman in about 10 years. Unfortunately the performance of that was not as successful, but it will be both in future GUH shows and in Honigman shows, such as Art-A-Whirl on May 15. Thanks to all who showed up and had fun with us and thanks Karl for being awesome.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Last night, January 3rd, at the beautiful, historic Eden Prairie Dunn Bros., Kaptain Karl, Scot Ninnemann, and I played a very well received show to a packed room. It was very enjoyable and special and I'm very proud of the music we accomplished with months of e-mail planning and a couple hours of rehearsal Friday night and Saturday morning. Thanks to Scot and Karl for being outstanding musicians and collaborators. "Ice Storm", "Something To Lose", "Intoducing the Door", "My Fascist Girlfriend", "Blue Moon of Kentucky", "Eddie Gee", and "Dream I Had Last Night" all took on new life in the friendly and musical atmosphere. Thanks to everyone who came to the show and enjoyed it. We should soon have a CD of the show, as it was ably recorded by Mr. Ninnemann. Very exciting. I am a lucky man.