Monday, June 24, 2002

Had a great weekend. But on here I'm only going to talk about the sad part.

We were driving along County 42 in Burnsville and saw a turtle in the middle of the road. We pulled over and I got out to move him out of the road. I saw that a part of his shell was broken and there was blood near him and I thought he was dead. But then I saw him move. After checking for cars, I went out and picked him up. We started driving to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in St. Paul and it seemed like he was going to make it. He was bleeding severely at first, but it seemed to stop. But then, when we were actually in sight of the center, something burst inside the poor little guy and he just gave out. His limbs and his head came all the way out of his shell and didn't retract even when I gently touched them. I could see something I thought was his liver. After looking at this site on turtle anatomy I am pretty sure that's what it was. He started bleeding again and by the time we got in to the center I think he was almost gone. They told us with injuries that severe they would probably have to euthanize. It was very sad and it made me think about a few things:

a)Were we just doing it to make ourselves feel good?
b)Did we actually help him in any way?
c)Wouldn't it be more meaningful overall to campaign for some kind of environmental regulations on road construction?

And here are my current answers:

a)No. It actually was an hour and a half cut out of time with important people. We really did it because we had a vision of saving his life and seeing him released back in to a cool wetland somewhere.

b)Maybe. Of course he would have died within ten minutes or so of us seeing him if we had not intervened. We were his only chance at living. He would have been hit by another car and mutilated. But perhaps if we had just set him down in a nearby wetland he would have healed on his own. This seems unlikely, but I worry that even though I held him in my hands and tried to have my arms act as shock absorbers, it was the jostling 40 minute car ride that caused the fatal inner pressure and grisly explosion. What seems most likely is that his death was either marginally more or marginally less uncomfortable than it would have been.

c)Maybe. However, I think of the parable of the man standing on the beach throwing washed up starfish into the ocean;

There are thousands of starfish all up and down the beach and a second man comes up to him and says, "You can't possibly save them all. You need to do something on a larger scale. In the long run what you are doing doesn't matter!" The first man answers, "It mattered to that one."

I am not a politician or even a lobbyist. I give to PETA. I always vote and vote green. I even write to my state and national legislators for some things. But I think I have accepted that I am not the person who is going to change humanity's unslakeable lust for automobile travel. Given that, what we did was a good course of action.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

My newest song, Milestone Mo-tel just went up at (Click on the title there to go hear it.) I am excited about it. I think it's really good. I noticed my songs got 3 plays yesterday. That doesn't always happen. It makes me wonder if that was because I am posting here. If you read this and go to my site, send an e-mail to, and say you went there because you saw my blog. That would be cool. I imagine this blog getting buried underneath all the thousands of others, but maybe not. Well, gotta go teach. See ya.

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Just returned from a baseball game with my folks and some of their friends. I am a huge Twins fan and enjoyed their extremely nerve wracking 15 inning victory over Atlanta. I actually screamed my lungs out when Tom Prince was safe at home on Cristian Guzman's double in the bottom of the 15th. THAT RULED!!

People should not use obscenity to excess at baseball games. Three guys behind us were doing so and I was sitting right next to my mom and her friend. It was an unpleasant aspect of an otherwise superb baseball experience. After the game, my mom told me they had a bottle of Jack Daniels. Had I known that during the game, I would have ratted them out in an attempt to get them removed. When I was about 20, I dropped the idea that there is anything wrong with using a higher authority to get something done, i.e. tattle.

What a game! Rescheduled two guitar lessons to go to it and I'm so glad I did. See you later, whoever might be reading this. Don't forget to visit There might even be a song or two about baseball.

Monday, June 10, 2002

How's it going? Yeah, this is new. I find interaction with strangers fascinating, and I saw one of my favorite musicians (John Munson of Semisonic and The Flops) blog here so I thought I'd try it. But I won't kid you. Mainly what I want out of this is people to visit my website and listen to my music and that of my multiple bands. It's good stuff. Not many people hear it, but those who hear it love it to death. I hope you will too. The website is I try to keep it cheap (geocities), simple to navigate, and easy to read, yet somehow endless, fascinating, and varied. Okay, enough with the first post, let's see where this mutha goes.