Thursday, June 26, 2003

Here is some stuff I have been truly enjoying lately:
R.E.M. Life's Rich Pageant (I.R.S. Years Edition)
Tom Clancy's Executive Orders
and I just enjoyed (in a yuck! kind of way) watching my senior cat, my beloved Mistah Victah, catch with his paw, bite, chew, and swallow a fly on the window pane, then lick his chops. Congratulations Mistah Victah. You still got it, buddy. Now he is licking a wooden chair, presumably to get the taste out of his mouth. Gross.

Sunday, June 22, 2003

Evan concluded his 3 day mini tour last night at a house party in Uptown. The show was pretty fun. It was designed for people to actually sit and pay attention with very few distractions. The audience was very receptive and friendly. I hope that they get more interested in listening to his songs and that his CDs get more play in peoples' homes and that those peoples' lives are then enriched as mine has been. Evan was very kind about sharing his appreciation of my skills and how much they contribute to his music. Karl played well. A highlight was using a German (leading tone labeled H not B) xylophone on "Communion Song". The show was very successful and with any luck Evan will be back out there playing again before too long.

Thursday, June 19, 2003

I am at Linden Hills Dunn Brothers. Evan is playing some songs by himself while we wait for some people to show up. I am playing bass with him on a 3 day mini-tour called "I know it's not rock and roll but I like it". He just did a good song about the Beatles playing a County Fair in Texas in an alternate universe. It was good. He's got such good songs. I really want more people to show up and get his music. People are so scared of walking into a room with just a guy sitting there playing by himself. Stu just showed up! Yay!

I think I will try to post to this blog more frequently. I've enjoyed posting to the new Honigman specific blog. Incidentally, there is news there as of today. Here is the link to the more specifically Honigman blog.